Text Banking FAQs

Q. What is Text Banking?
A. Text Banking is twofold. It includes Text Alerts and it includes Two-Way Text Banking. Both allow you to keep tabs on your accounts without having to log into Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

Q. Who is eligible for Text Banking?
A. All clients are eligible to use Text Banking.

Q. Is there a fee to use this service?
A. No, KS StateBank does not charge a fee for Text Banking. Although, some mobile carriers charge a fee for texting, so please contact your mobile provider regarding fees for text messaging.

Q. Is Text Banking safe?
A. Yes, Text Banking is just as secure as using Mobile Banking. For additional safety we encourage all users to install (if they haven’t already) an anti-virus on their phones or devices to reduce the risk of spyware being downloaded to your device. Using anti-virus software can help keep all of your personal information secure if you access the Internet from your device. If your phone is lost or stolen, please contact Client Care. They will be able to deactivate your service immediately.

Q. Will the text messages sent to my device contain any identifying information?
A. No, the text messages you receive will only contain the last four digits of your account number. As with Mobile Banking and Online Banking you also have the option to create pseudo names for all your accounts.

Q. How do I enroll in Text Banking?
A. It’s easy! If you have the Mobile Banking app, simply log in and click on Text Banking from the main menu. Read and accept the Disclosure, Terms and Conditions, enter your mobile phone number you wish to have enrolled in Text Banking and you’re ready to go. The app allows you to use both Text Alerts and Two-Way Text Banking. If you don’t use the Mobile Banking app, you can still sign up for Two-Way Text Banking by stopping by a branch or by calling Client Care and giving them your mobile phone number you wish to use. They will activate your device for you, and you can start using it immediately.

Q. How is Text Banking different from Mobile Banking?
A. Text Banking allows you to receive instant information and alerts regarding your accounts and transactions or purchases made from your account via text message, without logging into Mobile Banking. With Text Banking, you can keep tabs on your account anytime and you can also be alerted when pre-established activities happen, even when you are not actively looking for the information.

Q. What is the KS StateBank short code number for Text Banking?
A. All Text Banking messages will be sent from 39257. This is also the number you will send your Two-Way Text Banking messages to in order to receive responses.

Q. How will I know that Text Banking is active?
A. If your enrollment was successful you will receive a text message welcoming you to Text Banking from KS StateBank (39257). If you enrolled through the Mobile Banking app, and you do not receive this text message after initial enrollment, go to “Update Profile” and check to ensure that the mobile number you provided matches your mobile phone you wished to have enrolled in Text Banking. If you were enrolled by the Bank, please stop by a branch or call Client Care to verify that all the information you provided was entered correctly.

Q. How many devices can I have enrolled in this service?
A. One. Text Banking is tied to one mobile phone number. Please keep in mind that the mobile number used to enroll in the service is where you will receive any text messages or alerts.

Q. What types of alerts are available with this service?
A. With Text Banking, you can set up several alerts, all of which can be set for any time of day.
  • Daily Balance Alerts (gives you your available balance at the time the alert is sent)
  • Monthly Balance Alerts
  • Balance Threshold Alert (alerts you when your balance is above or below a certain amount that you select)
  • Transaction alerts (lets you know when specific transaction types take place on your account)

Q. What types of transactions can I receive alerts for?
A. You can have a Transaction alert set up for any of the following transaction types: 
  • Wire Transfers, incoming and/or outgoing
  • ACH transactions, such as direct deposits or automatic withdrawals
  • Paper items, including checks written and deposits and withdrawals in branch
  • Online Banking transfers
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Debit Card purchases, ATM withdrawals and ATM deposits
  • All Transactions (listed above)

Q. How do I set up my alerts?
A. To set up alerts, you will log in to your Mobile Banking app, access you the Text Banking menu, and click on Add Alerts. From there, you can choose which account you would like to set the alert for and the type of alert. Some alerts require you to input a certain dollar amount to trigger the alert. For example, the Transaction alert would inform you of any transaction that is greater than the amount you choose for this alert.

Q. What is Two-Way Text Banking?
A. Two-Way Text Banking is the two-way communication service that allows you to text a predetermined code to 39257 and to receive a response with the information you requested without accessing Mobile Banking or Online Banking. You can receive your available balance for all accounts set up on your Online Banking, receive the last five transactions that occurred on your accounts, and also stop or deactivate your account from the service by simply sending a text message.

Q. What are the Two-Way Text Banking codes?
A. There are five different codes you can text to receive information regarding your activated accounts.
  • Text BAL—for available balances on all accounts tied to your Text Banking
  • Text BAL with the last four of your account number or pseudo name to receive your available balance for one specific account
  • Text HIST—for the last five transactions that have posted to your active Text Banking accounts
  • Text HIST with the last four of your account number or pseudo name to receive transaction information for one specific account
  • Text STOP—to deactivate your alerts and remove enrollment in the service.

Q. What if I switch mobile carriers and purchase a new device?
A. As long as your mobile number doesn’t change, you will still be able to access Text Banking. If you can download the Mobile Banking app from your new device, you’ll be able to use both Two-Way Text Banking and set up and/or manage your Text Alerts. If your mobile phone number changes, don’t forget to update your information with us! You can update it within Text Banking by accessing the “Update Profile” section within the Mobile Banking app and entering your new mobile number, but to ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information for you, we ask that you also contact Client Care so that they can update it in our systems.

Q. Do I have to use the Mobile Banking app if I only want to receive the Text Alerts?
A. Yes and No. To use Text Alerts, you will need to set them up through the Mobile Banking app through your smartphone or mobile device. However, once they are set up, you will not be required to get back into Mobile Banking unless you want to make changes.

Q. How do I delete an alert I no longer need or wish to receive?
A. If you wish to stop receiving ALL alerts set up under your profile you can simply send the text the word “STOP” and the system will automatically stop all alerts and unenroll you from the service. If you only wish to discontinue receiving one particular alert, log in to your Mobile Banking app, select Text Banking and go to “Manage Alerts.” Select the alert you wish to delete and swipe across or tap the alert to delete.