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CD Specials 5 month, 7 month, and 11 month CDs. No rates are listed in the image. Click to find current rates and specials on our Deposit Rates page.

CD Specials

Earn more on your money! 

Take advantage of our most competitive rates with our 5 month, 7 month, or 11 month CD specials and watch your money grow.

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High-Balance Deposits

Have the peace of mind that comes with full FDIC protection.

As a member of the IntraFi network, we can help you obtain full FDIC coverage for your business and personal deposit accounts that exceed the $250,000 limit.

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Prepare for unexpected business expenses by having the extended purchasing power a Business Credit Card provides. Man holding credit card.

Business Credit Cards

A KS StateBank Business Credit Card offers the extended purchasing power your business needs.

You can order individual cards with customized limits for your employees and have the ability to make contactless payments. You will also have access to our online credit card management system, 360Control.

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Stay in control of your debit card.

SecureSwipe gives you control over your KS StateBank debit card with a touch of a button. Reduce fraudulent transactions by easily locking your debit card from our Mobile Banking app until you are ready to use it.

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