Secure Tokens FAQs

Q. What are Secure Tokens?
A. A Virtual Secure Token is an additional level of security that can be used to protect your Online Banking account. The Token generates a one-time 6-digit code (which will change every 30 seconds) to use at each Online Banking login, similar to an additional password. The Virtual Token is accessed via a free app (called VIP Access) on your mobile device. In conjunction with your login credentials, this helps ensure that your information is secure, further protecting you from potential fraud and identity theft.

Q. Am I required to use a Token now?
A. No. This is simply an optional service you can sign up for if you want additional security on your Online Banking account.

Q. Should I be concerned about my current level of Online Banking security?
A. We take our obligation to protect your information very seriously. We already provide (and will continue to provide) a high level of protection on your account. Secure Tokens simply allow you to take one extra step in that protection. It is one more level of security to block someone from gaining access into your account.

Q. What security is already in place for Online Banking?
A. KS StateBank uses state-of-the-art firewalls and security to protect client accounts and identities. We do this by:

  • Using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption.
  • Requiring clients to use a browser with 128-bit encryption.
  • Never displaying Social Security Numbers over the Internet.
  • Automatically disconnecting Online Banking sessions after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Requiring a unique Online Banking ID and Password to be entered before access is granted to the system.
  • Utilizing a password security system. To keep unauthorized individuals from accessing client accounts by guessing their Password, we have instituted a password lockout system. If a Password is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, the user is “locked out” of the system.
  • Requiring Passwords be changed every six (6) months to new passwords with certain length and character requirements (alpha/numeric, 8-18 characters, no special characters).
  • Requiring security questions to be entered upon first-time login which are used to ensure that the client is authorized to access the Online Banking account anytime they are using a different computer.
  • Deactivating Online Banking accounts that are inactive for six (6) months.

Q. How do I log in with a Secure Token?
A. Log in to Online Banking using your Online Banking ID and Password. Next, you’ll be asked to enter the randomly generated 6-digit code displayed through the VIP Access app. To display the code, simply access the app from your mobile device.


Q. What happens if I need to log into Online Banking and I don’t have my Token with me?
A. If activated, your Token will be required upon all subsequent logins.

Q. Is there a fee for utilizing this service?
A. KS StateBank does not charge a fee for this service. Check with your mobile provider to see if any data charges may apply.

Q. What if I lose or damage my device?
A. KS StateBank can reset your Virtual Token so that you may authenticate another device.

Q. Do I need to install software on my computer?
A. No, but you will download the Symantec VIP Access app on your mobile device using your app store, or by visiting Once your Token is activated and registered, it is ready to use from any computer or device that you log in from.

Q. How do I request a Secure Token?
A. Stop into any of our branch locations and visit with one of our Retai Bankers or call Client Care. We can set your Online Banking account up for the Token authentication. They will discuss your Online Banking security needs with you, set up token authentication, and help you download the app, if you are interested.

Q. How do I download the app for my Virtual Token?
A. Launch your app store on your device, search for VIP Access, and download the app. Or go to from your mobile device’s default browser. Click on “Download Now;” this will take you to the VIP Access in the app store for your device either Google Play or the iTunes Store (your personal password may be required to download the app). Then follow the prompts to install.

Q. How do I register my Secure Token?
A. To register your Token, you will first need to download the VIP Access app. Next, log into your Online Banking account using your Online Banking ID and password. You will then be prompted to enter the serial number of your Virtual Token (open the app, and enter all characters shown under “Credential ID”). Next you will enter the 6-digit code that appears in the app.

Q. Are there instructions provided for using my Secure Token?
A. Accessing your Token code is easy. Simply open the app on your mobile device and your 6-digit code will be provided (the code will change every 30 seconds). Enter this code when prompted during the login process. If you need help downloading the VIP Access app, you can refer to the Secure Token for Online Banking User Guide, or contact a Retail Banker or Client Care representative at the Bank.

Q. What happens if I incorrectly enter the code?
A. If you enter the wrong code when prompted, you will receive the following message: “The Token code you entered is not correct. Please try again.” You will be able to re-enter your code (without re-entering your Online Banking ID and Password) by clicking on “Try Again.”

Q. Can I use my Virtual Token with Mobile Banking on the same device?
A. Yes, you can flip between the two apps (KS StateBank Mobile Banking and VIP Access) to access your Online Banking from the device that is authenticated.