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Debit Card FAQs

Q. I have received my Debit Card in the mail, but where is my PIN?

A. Your PIN should come in the mail a few days following the Debit Card. If you have not received both your Debit Card and PIN within 7-10 business days after your order request, please contact Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805.

Q. Is there a fee for a replacement Debit Card?

A. Yes, there is a $5 fee to KS StateBank clients for a replacement Debit Card.

Q. How do I activate my new Debit Card?

A. You can activate your Debit Card through Online Banking, Mobile Banking or by calling 800-290-7893.

Q. Does my Debit Card have a daily limit?

A. Yes, the Debit Card daily limit is set at $1,000 per day (or 24 hours) including point-of-sale (POS) and ATM withdrawals.

Q. Why is a maximum daily limit set for my Debit Card?

A. The limit for Debit Card transactions is enforced for your protection in the event your card was lost or stolen.

Q. I need to make a purchase that exceeds my daily limit of $1,000, what can I do?

A. To make a purchase that exceeds your daily limit, contact Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805, stop by a branch or send us a secure message through Online Banking and we will be able to temporarily raise your Debit Card limit so that you may complete the transaction.

Q. Should I contact KS StateBank if I will be traveling?

A. Yes, we would appreciate it if you would contact us by calling Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805, visiting with a Personal Banker at any of our branches or sending a secure message through Online Banking if you will be traveling with your Debit Card. This will prevent your card from being temporarily blocked if our fraud monitoring software detects suspicious transactions due to traveling.


Q. Why am I not able to sign for my debit card purchases at some retailers?

A. We have examined from what forms of retail establishments a large percentage of debit card fraudulent transactions allegedly originate. As a result, in order to help prevent unauthorized transactions, we now generally require you to enter your PIN when making a purchase at a department store, variety store, large retail store (such as Wal-Mart and Target) and pharmacy. In most cases you will no longer be able to “sign” for a KS StateBank Debit Card purchase at such establishments. In addition, you will generally be required to enter your PIN when using your KS StateBank Debit Card at restaurants and hotels in Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

Q. My Debit Card PIN does not work, what should I do?

A. If your PIN does not work for your Debit Card, just contact us by calling Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805 or stopping by a branch and we will be happy to assist you in troubleshooting the issue.

Q. How can I request a new PIN for my existing Debit Card?

A. Please contact us by calling Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805 or stopping by a branch and we will be happy to have a PIN reminder mailed to you.

Q. Can I change my Debit Card PIN?

A. Yes, you can change your PIN. Be sure to activate your card first, but then you can change your PIN at any KS StateBank ATM. If you are unable to visit a KS StateBank ATM, you can call Client Care and we can order a PIN reminder and have it mailed to you. The PIN reminder will contain an 800-number and a reference number that you can use to change your PIN remotely.

Q. When I change my PIN, will the change be effective immediately?

A. If you change your PIN at a KS StateBank ATM, it will be effective immediately. If you change it remotely through the 800-number, it will take effect approximately 48 hours after you submit the change.

Q. Is my Bounce Protection included in the available balance of my Debit Card?

A. Your Bounce Protection will not be available for purchases on your Debit Card unless you Opt-In and request this service be added to your Debit Card. You may Opt-In by visiting any KS StateBank branch, through Online Banking, or by contacting Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805.

Q. Will ATM deposits be credited immediately to my account?

A. During the business day an ATM deposit(s) is submitted, the deposit will temporarily post to the account for $0.00. This allows time to retrieve the deposit from the ATM and verify the transaction. The amount you deposited will reflect in your balance after our end of business day processing. Should you make a deposit at an ATM after 2:30 p.m. (CT) or on a non-business day, the account balance will not be updated until the end of business day processing the following business day. (Business days are Monday through Friday and exclude holidays.)

Q. What is the ATM surcharge for funds withdrawn at non-KS StateBank ATMs?

A. We do not charge KS StateBank clients for withdrawing money at non-KS StateBank ATMs. You may, however, be charged a non-customer fee by that bank.

Q. There is not a KS StateBank ATM in the town I live in, how can I avoid ATM fees?

A. You can enjoy ATM surcharge refunds with our Checking PLUS account at KS StateBank. With this account, up to $25 in ATM surcharges will be refunded at the end of the statement cycle (not as they occur) if the account requirements are met. Reimbursement is for domestic (U.S. owned) ATM surcharges only.

Q. Is there an additional fee to use my Debit Card in a foreign country?

A. Yes, MasterCard® charges up to a 1.10% foreign/international transaction fee for transactions made with your Debit Card where a currency conversion is performed. This includes withdrawing money from non-U.S. owned ATMs and when you are buying items in another country as well as shopping online. So, if you spend $100 your fee could be up to $1.10 (100 X .011).

Q. I do not recognize a Debit Card transaction on my account, what should I do?

A. If you have a Debit Card transaction on your account that you do not recognize or is unauthorized, please contact Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805 or stop by a branch and we will be happy to give you additional information regarding the transaction. If the transaction is unauthorized, we will assist you in disputing the charges.

Q. What am I liable for if my Debit Card is lost or stolen?

A. If your Debit Card is lost or stolen we will assist you in disputing all unauthorized transactions. It’s important to notify us immediately. You have up to 90 days to dispute a transaction. After 90 days, we will not be able to get any of your funds back, and you will be responsible for any loss due to the unauthorized transactions. If you notify us within the 90 days, the amount you are liable for could vary. You are fully protected if you meet the criteria for MasterCard’s zero liability policy. If you do not meet the criteria but notify us within four days you could be responsible for up to $50. After four days but before 90 days your loss could be as high as $300.

Q. What should I do if my Debit Card has been lost or stolen?

A. If you believe your card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 800-588-6805, report it through your Online Banking (under the options menu) or send us a Secure Message through Online Banking.


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