E-Statements and E-Docs FAQs

Q. What is an E-Statement (electronic statement)?
A. An E-Statement is the electronic delivery of your account cycle history. E-Statements are identical to mailed statements but are more secure, more convenient and received quicker.

Q. Is there a charge for E-Statements?
A. No. E-Statements are free for all KS StateBank clients.

Q. Are E-Statements secure?
A. Yes. E-Statements reduce the risk of your financial information being discarded incorrectly or exposed to wrongful recipients via postal mail.

Q. Who is eligible for E-Statements?
A. All retail and commercial clients have access to enroll in E-Statements. All account types are also eligible to receive statements electronically.

Q. How do I set up E-Statements?
A. You can enroll in E-Statements through your Online Banking account; once in Online Banking, click on “E-Statements” and then read the terms. Once you agree to the terms, select the accounts and types of documents you wish to enroll in E-Statements.

Q. When can I view E-Statements?
A. You can view E-Statements anytime you have access to a computer. Statements will be available to you immediately when the statement cycles.

Q. How do I know my statement(s) are available?
A. You will receive an email from Client Care with a security phrase that you will have chosen in the subject line. This will allow you to click on a link to login to your Online Banking or simply let you know that your statement(s) are available for you to access at your convenience.

Q. What if I need to change my email address?
A. You will be able to update your email information through Online Banking by logging in, clicking on the “E-Statements” tab, then “Email Settings” to update the email address your statements are sent to. Or, under the “Options” tab, then under Modify Personal Settings, you will be provided a blank field to update your email address.

Q. How long can I view my E-Statements online?
A. Your E-Statements may be accessed for up to 7 years under the “E-Statements” tab. Basic statements are also available to you for 18 months from the main page from the “Select Option” drop down box.

Q. Will I receive images of my checks with E-Statements?
A. Yes, your E-Statements will be in the exact format as previously mailed statements. Front images of your checks and deposits will be included.

Q. Can I save and/or print my E-Statements?
A. Yes, you can view and print your E-Statements at your convenience. In addition, you may save your E-Statements to a disk or hard drive for easy storage.

Q. Can I have my E-Statements sent to my accountant or another authorized person?
A. Yes, you can have your E-Statements emailed to another recipient/email address. Click on “Additional Recipients” under the “E-Statements” tab to designate up to three additional recipients.

Q. What software do I need for E-Statements?
A. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, download, and print your statements from your computer.

Q. How can I get Adobe Reader?
A. When you receive your email notification that your E-Statement is ready for viewing, you will be given the option to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is used for viewing, downloading, and printing your statement and check images on your computer.

Q. Can KS StateBank enroll my account(s) in E-Statements?
A. Yes, in fact, some of our accounts come standard with E-Statements and you’ll be set up with them when your account is opened. Whether you enroll yourself or we take care of it for you, you will still have to confirm your enrollment by agreeing to the terms and conditions when you first log into Online Banking, but we can definitely get the process started for you.

Q. When I enroll in E-Statements in Online Banking, does that automatically enroll all of my accounts with KS StateBank in electronic statement delivery?
A. When you sign up for E-Statements, it will default all of your accounts to receive statements electronically. If you do not want to receive all of your statements electronically, you will need to unmark the checked box beside the accounts you do not want to receive online under “Documents and Settings.”

Q. Why should I use E-Statements?
A. There are many benefits to receiving your statements electronically.

  • Convenience – you choose when you want to view or print your statement
  • Safety and Security – reduces the possibility of fraud or identity theft
  • Environmentally Friendly - saves paper and resources
  • Fast – view your statements sooner than if they were mailed to you

Q. Who should I contact if I have problems viewing my E-Statement?
A. You can contact Client Care at 785-587-4000 or Toll Free at 800-588-6805, Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.–6 p.m. CT or on Saturday from 9 a.m.–noon CT. You also have the option to send a Secure Message through Online Banking anytime.

Q. Beyond my account statements, what other documents can I receive electronically?
A. There are several notices you can receive electronically, including CD Maturity Notices, 1098 and 1099-INT forms, NSF Notices, ACH Return Notices and more. You can always log into your Online Banking and click on E-Statements, then Documents and Settings, to view the current list of available E-Docs for each account. To view a current list, click on the plus sign (+) in front of each account.