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At KS StateBank, we pride ourselves on having an experienced lending team that knows our markets and the real estate business. We will work with you to find the right loan program for your situation, and help you through the process each step of the way.

If you have questions, feel free to call one of our loan officers or just click a name below, and send them an email. If you're ready to apply, all you need to do is click "Apply" next to your loan officer's name.

If you're ready to apply, but don't have a particular lender selected yet, feel free to simply fill out our general application and we'll have someone contact you.

NOTE: If you would like to send confidential documents or information to your loan officer, please do so by using our secure KS StateBank Message Center.  

Manhattan, Kansas

Penny Alonso

NMLS: 446653

785-587-4000, ext. 182

Visit Penny's web page

Apply with Penny

Brad McCune

NMLS: 618812

785-587-4000, ext. 128

Visit Brad's web page

Apply with Brad

Junction City, Kansas

Wendy King-Luttman

NMLS: 446652

785-762-5050, ext. 211

Visit Wendy's web page

Apply with Wendy

Wichita, Kansas

Lori Cunningham

NMLS: 446662


Visit Lori's web page

Apply with Lori

Overland Park, Kansas  (LPO)

Ben Robinson

NMLS: 309355


Visit Ben's web page

Apply with Ben

Jim Wallace

NMLS: 459170


Visit Jim's web page

Apply with Jim

Doug Krueger

NMLS: 459159
Visit Doug's web page Apply with Doug

Dustin McAlister

NMLS: 275438
Visit Dustin's web page Apply with Dustin

David Rosenthal

NMLS: 878495 913-748-4612 Visit David's web page Apply with David

Michelle Williams

NMLS: 420823 913-249-6419 Visit Michelle's web page Apply with Michelle

Brian Hall

NMLS: 459153


Visit Brian's web page Apply with Brian 

Nate Crow

NMLS: 1988832 


Visit Nate's web page

Apply with Nate
Gina Cockman

NMLS: 459150 


Visit Gina's web page 

Apply with Gina 

Tom Byrd

NMLS: 1596557 


Visit Tom's web page 

Apply with Tom 

Golden Valley, Minnesota  (LPO)

Matt Prettner

NMLS: 459103


Visit Matt's web page

Apply with Matt

Brad Hlavacek

NMLS: 402044 612-656-6175  Visit Brad's web page Apply with Brad

Jim Cahill

NMLS: 272459 612-656-6172 Visit Jim's web page Apply with Jim

Matthew Stokes

 NMLS: 859842


Visit Matthew's web page  Apply with Matthew

Dave Muehlbauer

 NMLS: 279859  612-656-6092 Visit Dave's web page  Apply with Dave
Nate Lieser  NMLS: 756072  612-656-6169

Visit Nate's web page 

Apply with Nate 

Longville, Minnesota  (LPO)

Doug Bowdish

NMLS: 459102


Visit Doug's web page

Apply with Doug

Jay Schock

NMLS: 335349


Visit Jay's web page

Apply with Jay

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